MLT Systems involves Quality Assurance throughout every phase of our projects. Our Quality Assurance Program is a repeatable process that encompasses a disciplined system of planning, budgeting, reviewing, testing, inspecting, auditing, and reporting on quality throughout the life of the project. We do this through appropriate advance planning, providing masterful staff resources, and our thorough program and project management techniques. Our Quality Assurance procedures are an integral part of our technical approach to every Delivery Order and they apply equally to all members of our project team. Quality is one of our products, not simply a hurdle we must endure.  Our Quality Management Program involves:

  • Aligning the Quality Management Program Plan development with the contract and refining it to meet the customer requirement at the task order level
  • Establishing quality management processes that include monitoring and assessing performance
  • Developing a Quality Management Program Plan for the contract
  • Coordinating with the government stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies
  • Conducting periodic Quality Management Reviews.

Each of our team members has a hand in all aspects of the projects that they are involved in, ensuring that no detail is left unattended.  This approach ensures that all task orders receive maximum attention and expertise while maintaining a consistently high level of quality.  All MLT Systems team members have an equal voice.  They are not only encouraged but expected to do everything in their power to check quality across the board in each project they are involved in.  Our quality management approach is designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise ability to perform on time, within budget, or according to the task order requirements.

Quality Assurance helps MLT Systems to deliver reliable, complete, and accurate products and services through a quality planning, control, and improvement process across the systems’ life-cycle.