Professional Support Services (PSS)

Contract Number:       GS-10F-0168W

Contract Period of Performance:      April 23, 2010 - April 22, 2020

Awarded Special Item Numbers (SIN):

SIN 520-3:           Due Diligence & Support Services 

SIN 520-12:         Budgeting

SIN 520-13:         Complementary Financial Management Services

SIN 520-21:         Program Management Services

SIN 871-3:            System Design, Engineering and Integration

SIN 871-5:            Integrated Logistics Support

SIN 871-6:            Acquisition and Life Cycle Management

SIN 874-1:            Integrated Consulting Services

SIN 874-4:           Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Test Administration, Learning Management, Internships

SIN 874-6:            Acquisition Management Support

SIN 874-7:            Integrated Business Program Support Services

SIN 874-501:       Supply and Value Chain Management

SIN 874-503:       Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services

SIN 874-504:       Deployment Logistics

SIN 874-505:       Logistics Training Services

SIN 874-507:       Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services